Interesting Facts About Uranus

So what interesting facts about Uranus do you want to know? Well, if you counted the number of planets away from the sun, you would find Uranus thus being the 7th planet from the sun. Uranus is still closer than Neptune but did you know that it is really cold? Uranus actually gives off less heat than it absorbs where other planets have very hot cores, Uranus does not follow this pattern.

If you really are a sun lover, you'd love to situate yourself at one of the poles of Uranus facing the sun. Why? Because, the tilt of Uranus means that you would see the sun in the sky and watch it circle the planet for half of a Uranian year.

Half a Uranian year, by the way, is 42 years. The problem, then, is that after it dipped below the horizon, you'd have to re-locate to the opposite pole to get the sun for another 42 years or you would be left in darkness for 42 more years.

Now, in order to explain this 42 year sun cycle, you need to understand something about the tilt of planets, that is, the angle of each planet in relation to the plane of the Sun. All planets that rotate around the Sun do so on their axis similar to Earth's rortational tilt of 23.5 degrees. But, unlike a lot of planets, Uranus has a tilt of 99 degrees which thus explains why sitting on it's pole facing the sun gives you such long exposure to sunlight.

But, you would not be able to sit on Uranus because it has such a low density.

Another interesting fact about Uranus is that it has 27 moons. And, even though there are a lot of moons, the largest moon, Titania, is only half the diameter of the Earth's moon.

For those of you who are star gazers, you will be pleased to know that you can see Uranus without the aid of a telescope. The only things you need to see it are the naked eye, extremely dark skies, and know where to look.

The planet we usually associate rings with is Saturn, but Uranus also has rings. Saturn's particles making up iys rings are really bright ice particles while Uranus rings are very dark. The recent thinking of astronomers is that these rings are relatively new and did not form at the same time as the planet. These rings were first discovered in 1977 although Willaim Herschel claimed to have seen them well over two hundred years ago. According to recent information, Uranus has 13 distinct rings and they start at around 38,000 km from the center and extend to about 98,000 km.

How many times has Uranus been visited? Once and this did not entail any kind of landing attempt only a fly by. In 1986, NASA's Voyager passed within 81,000 km and took thousands of photographs as it went on its way.

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